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About Lilith's Locs

Lilith's Locs is a full service hair salon located in Manitowoc, WI. We specialize in dreadlocks- whether this means dreading your natural hair or braiding in wool extensions. 



My name is Erin Mikkelsen, and I am the owner and lead loctician at Lilith's Locs. I have been caring for and creating dreads for the past 8 years. I hand make, with some help from my husband and friends, all of the wool dreadlocks that we carry in the salon,
sell online, and at festivals. If you are interested in a custom set, please send me a message and I would be happy to make your dread dreams come true.


meet Makayla Fellie! 
makayla specializes in fantasy colors and men's & Women's cuts. She is also a Seasoned loctition available for natural dread creation and maintenance as well as wool loc installs.



Meet Asteria hANKEY!
Asteria specializes in  Wool installs, Natural loc maintenance and loc creation.






ERIN'S PARTNER IN LIFE AND ALL THINGS LILITH'S LOCS. josh is the numbers ninja & building maintenance master among many other integral parts of the business!








meet megan gregor!
Megan is Erin's younger sister. She lives in Duluth with her husband John, and their two children, Rose and River. She is lead felter for Lilith's Locs and does the felting of most of the wool locs we make. She is a passionate houseplant enthusiast like her sister, and has even more plants than Erin!


MAGGIE ASSISTS WITH OUR ETSY STORE, MESSAGING, ORDERS, CALLS & DECORATING WOOL LOCS. maggie is also currently learning the felting process.









1020 SOUTH 10th Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220

Open by Appointment Only. Please message me if you'd like to stop by! 

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