Made to order and ready to ship in 10 business days ❤ Please allow for some small differences in decorations and color, as I make and dye each by hand ❤ if there is something you'd like changed, just let me know!


Accent set of 11 double ended wool dreads. Great for mixing in with your current set or just adding a few to your natural hair. 20-24" long (when folded/as installed, mid to lower back length) Decorated with wraps, wooden beads. If you're interested in a full set, or a custom order- just message me! I'd be happy to make you something special. These extensions are braided into your hair- ask me how and I can send you a video on how to do it yourself! If you have natural dreads, they can be installed a few different ways. Check out my Facebook page to see how 🖤

Neon Sunrise Accent Set of Wool Dreadlocks